Announcing the 2022-2023 Parent Ambassadors

We are proud to announce the 2022-23 parent ambassadors for Armour Dance Theatre! The goal of the parent ambassadors is to engage dedicated and passionate parents at the South Miami Academy. These parents help spread awareness about how ADT is making a difference in the community. One of the projects they will be working on is fundraising, and they will have the unique privilege of deciding where the funds they raise will be utilized.

We would like to introduce you to the amazing group of women that make up the 2022-23 ADT parent ambassadors.



Why did you want to be Armour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

“I became a parent ambassador because I believe in what this institution’s mission is and how it changes the lives of many young people, my daughter included. “

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

“Dance has played a big role in my life as an artist. I’m a trained dancer, and I spent many years teaching dance.  Now I continue to spend my time illustrating and creating digital art and mixed media while enjoying my daughter’s interest in the arts.”


Why did you want to be Armour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

“I love being a parent ambassador because of the history, classical training, family environment, and community-minded culture, which makes Armour Dance Theatre unique.  My children are third-generation dancers at ADT, making this experience of representing the organization very special to me.”

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

“My time is spent homeschooling my two children, and my love of nature and the ocean is incorporated in the curriculum as I believe in a holistic approach to learning. When we are not “in School” we are growing vegetables, baking bread, and of course attending classes which could include ballet, flamenco, musical theatre, scuba diving, piano, and tennis. 

Lastly, we received our Italian citizenship this year, and we have all been studying the Italian language as another way of embracing our culture!!”


Why did you want to be Armour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

I am a parent ambassador because, aside from being an alum of this amazing school, I believe deeply in the mission to serve our youth and reflect the beautiful diversity of Miami.

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

I am a Theatre educator and Arts advocate. In addition to stage acting (when I can), I am a voiceover actor and storyteller.



Why did you wantto beArmour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

“I became a parent ambassador because of my passion for ensuring that all children have an opportunity to experience the arts and nurture their talents.”

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

“I have two daughters dancing at Armour Dance Theatre. I am an alum of New World School of the Arts High School, where I studied theatre during my time there.”




Why did you want to be Armour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

“I am honored and excited to be a parent ambassador again for this wonderful organization. Armour Dance Theatre is so much more than a premier training academy. It holds a special place in my heart, as I have come to fully appreciate the importance of a safe, creative space where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not only valued but celebrated.”

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

“I recently started The Slotted Spoon, an allergy-friendly baking business inspired by personal experience as an allergy mom and filling a need in our community.”


Why did you want to be Armour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

“I am a parent ambassador because I feel Armour Dance Theatre has been such an amazing experience for me. I want other families to be able to have that same experience.”

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

“Fun Fact I am a ballerina turned building contractor.”


Why did you want to be Armour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

“Ballet was a huge part of my life when I was growing up.  Armour Dance Theater has provided a nurturing, loving, and experienced environment for our two daughters to dance and learn. Armour Dance has become a special place in their lives, not just as dancers but as girls growing up. They feel safe, encouraged, and at home at ADT.”


Share a fun fact about yourself! 

“I have lived in three countries, I love doing yoga, and I am always reading more than two books at the same time.”


Why did you want to be Armour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

“I am thrilled to be a Parent Ambassador because ADT is a true gem in our community. Their dedication to equality in dance is paramount and should be recognized and supported by all of us who understand the importance of equal access and exposure to the arts. “

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

“I am both a performer and music teacher! I toured in the 10th anniversary international tour of RENT, have done numerous off-broadway and regional theatrical productions, and currently serve as the band leader and vocalist for the South Florida outpost of New York City-based events band, The Band Method.”


Why did you want to be Armour Dance Theatre parent ambassador, and what does it mean to you? 

“To see all colors, shapes, and sizes represented on that stage and knowing how much ballet had impacted my child was inspiring. I am honored to be able to help other kids experience what my daughter has been fortunate enough to be a part of.”




If you would like to be a part of the Armour Dance Theatre’s parent ambassadors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sarah Donate at

If you would like to contribute to the parent ambassador’s fundraising efforts, use the button below.

Benefits Of Dancing At Any Age!

In the beginning dance was a social gathering, used in ceremonial activities, such as religious events, weddings, and festivals. It was around before written languages. Early human civilizations had ritual dances, which historians believe were essential in their development. Ritual dance later evolved into theatrical dance with countries all over the world producing works of art.

Dance is everywhere now and dancers are regarded as athletes. It is no surprise with the physical activity involved in dance that you would consider dancers as athletes. What you might not know are the effects of dancing on the brain. Maybe even more than the physical side, dance stimulates the brain like no other activity. Let us take a look at all the benefits dance has to offer.

Helps Reduce Stress

Exercising releases endorphins and that’s exactly what dancing does. Endorphins are a group of hormones within the brain and nervous system. They are called the “feel-good” chemicals because they act as a pain reliever and happiness booster.

Anti Aging

Dancing greatly reduces signs of aging in the brain! After reading how much dance helps your mind you can see its great effects on the brain. It also tightens your skin! You heard that right! Building muscle mass helps decrease the appearance of loose skin.

Increases Serotonin

Your body has other chemicals that make it happy. These chemicals are able to alleviate anxiety, prevent depression, trigger pleasure, bonding, and trust. One of these chemicals is serotonin, a mood stabilizer. Serotonin is essential for mood, digestion, sleep, brain function, and circadian rhythm.

Strengthens Long Term Memory

Dancing improves brain function by activating several brain functions including: cerebellum, the somatosensory cortex and the basal ganglia.

Used To Treat People With Parkinson’s Disease

Dance helps improve balance, provides social support, and stimulates cognitive functioning in people with Parkinson’s disease. Problems with Gait or balance are common among individuals with Parkinson’s and dance helps relieve these problems. There have been many studies showing that dance as a physical activity reduces the chances of someone developing Parkinson’s disease.

Lowers Risk Of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dancing may slow the shrinkage in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that deals with memory. Other factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Dance helps tackle those problems.

Reduces Risk Of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones most commonly in the hip, wrist, or spine. Bone is living tissue that is constantly being replaced. The best fight against osteoporosis is good nutrition and exercise. Dancing itself helps build bone mass. The more you dance, the stronger your bones!

Stimulates Your Brain

Dancing stimulates nerve growth factors, which are proteins important for maintaining sensory neuron health. It can boost the connectivity between both cerebral hemispheres.

Activates Sensory and Motor Circuits

When your sensory-motor system is working correctly you retain more information. The motor system drives the sensory stimulation and sensory stimulation drives the brain. This is critical to improve behavior and academic learning. 

Improves Condition Of The Heart and Lungs

It is no surprise that dancing is good for your physical body. When you dance your heart rate increases to pump more oxygenated blood to the muscles you are using. The faster your heart beats, the more blood goes to your lungs to gather oxygen and transport it to your tissues. All this helps strengthen your heart and keep your muscles conditioned. Did you know that chronic respiratory disease is a leading cause in mortality and pulmonary rehabilitation includes dance?

Increases Strength and Endurance

Dancing regularly improves the body’s endurance. It allows the muscles to work harder for longer periods of time. It also raises the body’s heart rate to increase stamina.

Increases Flexibility

Flexibility increases only when you work on it regularly. By dancing on a weekly basis you are conditioning your body to become more flexible. When stretches become easier you are able to go farther into each stretch. This will eventually lengthen your muscles permanently leaving you more flexible than before!

Improves Balance

It is no surprise that dance improves balance. This is very important as we age. Many accidents that happen to elderly people are in their homes when they fall. By taking dance regularly you are always improving your balance.

Inclusive Social Activity

Everyone can dance! No matter what level you are at, there is dance class for you! Do you want to stretch and listen to soothing music, take a ballet class. Looking to stimulate all parts of your brain, take a tap class. Want to move your whole body while listening to new music, take a hip hop class. There are so many options out there you just have to give them a try!



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Why you can trust Armour Dance Theatre to keep your family safe this school year.

We know that it is a big decision to send your child to after-school programming. With the constantly changing numbers for COVID-19 and variant cases, we want to assure you as parents that the safety of your child is our priority. We will continue to follow our protocols to mitigate risk while giving your child a safe space for movement, creativity, and self-expression. Let us tell you a little about our safety protocol and how we will make you comfortable when going back to dance classes.


We have a fully immunized team. From our dance faculty to office staff you can count on us to stop the spread of the virus at our academy.


All faculty and staff are required to fill out a COVID-19 screening form to make us aware of any exposure to the virus. CDC guidelines will be followed for quarantine and testing before returning to work.


Students, parents, faculty, and staff must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth in the academy. To reduce the number of adults in the building we will continue to ask parents to drop children off at the gate or by car in the west driveway of our building.


Upon entering students and parents are required to sanitize their hands at the sanitizing stations provided in front of the building.



What happens between classes? In between every class, a staff member will sanitize all barres and surfaces before the next class enters the studios. Deeper cleaning is done every night.


We continue to follow the community changes in infection rates and adopting any new guidelines released by the CDC.


In October of 2020, we reopened the Academy after lockdown and since then we have had ZERO cases spread at our school. We believed this is because of the strict safety protocols we have in place.



All classes will be offered in person as well as virtually. If your child has been exposed and is quarantined she/ he may continue to train from the safety of home.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ruth Wiesen at 305 667 5543 or click here to review our full COVID-19 safety protocol.

Now that you have this information are you ready to DANCE?







A new chapter for Thomas Armour Youth Ballet

The TAYB family will see big changes in 2020!  In order to accommodate our growing number of students and to expand the genres of class offerings, more space is needed!  TAYB will be taking back the rented space from the dentist and renovate the entire first floor! This renovation is going to allow us to add much-needed space. Here’s a little taste of the changes coming to Miami’s oldest ballet school:


One of the many changes will be a larger lobby and study area! We will have more space for our parents to wait. No more crowded lobby! Perhaps the most exciting news is that there will be two bathrooms instead of one!


No more limited studio space! TAYB will create a large studio that can be divided into two smaller studios as well as a small wood floor tap studio. This means more space for classes, rehearsals, performances, as well as new dance genresrehearsals, and performances. With this space, we will be able to serve more of the students who graduate from our satellite sites and are ready to begin advanced training.  To learn more about our after-school programming click here. 


What classes will be offered in these new studios?!  Our main focus and foundation will always be ballet. However, we know that a strong foundation in contemporary or modern dance is crucial.  We will be expanding our contemporary and tap programs to meet on more days and to serve a wider range of ages. Additionally, we will look at what genres the students and families would like to see here at TAYB. Genres under consideration include hip hop, Flamenco, and jazz. These two new studios will give us the space to allow for more rehearsal time.


Renovations are not the only exciting things happening this year! TAYB will be getting a facelift with a full rebranding. The name of the organization will be changing. This will also include a revamp of our website and current look and feel. These exciting changes will reflect the growth that the organization has gone through over the last ten years.


These renovations will ensure that the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet is sustainable and continues to grow and impact our community. These construction costs are estimated at $400,000.00. One of our long-time benefactors is so excited about our new plans that she has pledged $150,000 in a matching grant! Every dollar donated will be matched one to one! It’s not too early to make a contribution or spread the word! Share this post or make a donation by clicking the button below.

What you’re supporting on Miami’s day of giving

Thursday, November 21st is Miami’s biggest day of giving and we want you to get involved. Every year The Miami Foundation hosts Give Miami Day , a 24-hour fundraising event. Organizations across the city raise funds for their incredible missions that make a huge impact on our community. Throughout the day there will be prizes all organizations are eligible for and a percentage of every donation given will be matched. Here are the programming and projects you’ll be supporting if you choose the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet this Give Miami Day.


Quality after-school programs at an extremely low cost? We know what you’re thinking…..not possible. Thanks to the support of the Children’s Trust we expanded our four sites that once just danced classes after school to a full after-school program with reading, homework assistance, dance lessons, and emotional literacy. We want to continue to build on this programming across four sites and you can support that by participating on Give Miami Day.


Scholarships are offered at the main site for dance training at the main site during the school year and for summer intensives. All scholarships are based on financial need and are given on a sliding scale. Families are able to pay what they can rather than cutting back on valuable training for their children.


The Nutcracker is a huge part of who we are and Miami’s history. Our production of The Nutcracker is no ordinary production of the holiday classic. This Nutcracker is the longest-running Nutcracker production in Miami, it is the most diverse production of the Nutcracker in the city, and we do not charge families to participate in it. Students from all of our sites audition for the performance and aren’t charged a fee for rehearsals, costumes, makeup, etc. This makes participating accessible to everyone. This is what makes our Nutcracker so unique.


Our after-school program is for children ages 5-11 years old. What happens once they age out of the program? We offer a scholarship at our main site to continue quality dance training.


Every year we provide room and board to students attending summer intensives in New York City. Attending summer intensives at professional companies can be very expensive for families. To make this once-in-a-lifetime experience available we cut the cost by offering this program.


In order to provide more programming, we are renovating the space and adding THREE more studios! This project will begin in 2020 but if you would like to make a contribution toward our capital campaign it’s never too early.

We hope after reading about our current programming and future plans you feel excited to make your contribution on Give Miami Day on Thursday, November 21st.


Meet Thomas Armour Youth Ballet’s 2019 Graduating Class

We are so proud of our high school graduates and all their accomplishments! Keep reading this blog post to read all about what they will be up to after high school.

Romina Erminy – Graduated from Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH). While at DASH she participated in the RAW Miami Art Show, received the AP Scholar Award, participated in the American Mathematics Competition, became an Adobe Certified Associate, was on the Principal’s Honor Roll, graduated as a certified music theory teacher, and was a Semifinalist in national math Olympics. She was also a part of the Math Honor Society, the fashion club, National Honor Society of High School Scholars. She was accepted to the University of San Francisco with a $68,000 scholarship, University of Denver, University of the South, the University of Illinois at Chicago, New Hampshire Institute of Art with a $60,000 scholarship, and Miami Dade College.

Destiny Delancy – Graduated from New World School of the Arts High School Cumme Laude with the Superintendent’s Diploma of Distinction. She was accepted into Florida State University, Barry University, Clark AtlantaUniversity, University of the Arts, University of South Florida, Florida Agricultural and Memorial University. She will be attending New York University as a Dean’s Scholar with a full ride.

April Chinea – Graduated Cum Laude from New World School of the Arts earning the Superintendent’s Diploma of Distinction, The Dean of Dance’s Award, Dance Choreography Award, and selected to the New Modup World School of the Arts Principal’s Hall of Fame. She will be attending Florida State University to pursue a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography with a minor in Sports Management.

Dymon Smith – Graduated from New World School of the Arts High school. She was accepted into Goucher College, Point Park University, University of South Florida, New World School of the Arts College, and New York Univerisity. She will be attending New York University in the fall.

Herne Jean-Baptiste – Graduated from New World School of the Arts High school. He was accepted into Point Park University, University of the Arts, Adelphi University, New York University, Suny Purchase College, St. John University, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, and Miami-Dade College. He will be attending New York University in the fall on a full scholarship.

Yumarlis De Jesus – Graduated from New World School of the Arts. She was a posse semi-finalist and the National English Honor Society secretary. She was accepted into Barry University, Florida International University, Florida State University, Emerson College, and The New School. She will be attending Florida State University in the fall.

Sofia Naranjo – Graduated from New World School of the Arts. During her time at New World School of the Arts, she was a part of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts. She was accepted into Savannah College of Art and Design and LIM College. She will be attending LIM College with an academic achievement scholarship and will major in Fashion Marketing.

Frances Hernandez – Graduated from New World School of the Arts and will be attending Florida International University this fall.

Hanna Sotolongo-Miranda – Graduated from Coral Reef Senior High School. She is a recipient of the Florida Academic Scholars Award and Blue and Gold Scholar at Florida International University. She was accepted into  Florida International University Honors Marine Biology and the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Harmony Vides Varini – Graduated from Coral Reef Senior High School. She will be attending Florida State University beginning in the summer.

Adda Gudjandotter – graduated high school from Unidad Educativa Bilingue Delta, with the award of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. She did her junior and senior year abroad in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In the future, she plans to study international relations with a focus on international law and politics.

Mia Tellechea-Choi – Graduated from Ransom Everglades School. During her time at Ransom, she was inducted in the National Honor Society, the French Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society. She was accepted into Florida State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Denver, Bentley University, Fordham University, and Boston University. She will be attending Florida State University majoring in Marketing.

Sawyer O’Keefe – Graduated from Coral Reef Senior High. During her time at Coral Reef she was in the drama magnet program, captain of the lacrosse team sophomore through senior year, and was a part of various school organizations like Best Buddies and the multiple academic honor societies. She will be attending Duke University in the fall.

Jaysan Stinnett – Graduated from Harid Conservatory. He was accepted on a full scholarship for the summer into American Ballet Theater, School of American Ballet, Ellison Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, and Houston Ballet Theatre. He was offered a contact at Sarasota Ballet, Colorado Ballet, and Orlando Ballet.

Fernanda Alvarado – She graduated from high school early from Florida Virtual School at age 16. She was accepted into New World School of the Arts College and will be attending the dance program in the fall.

Peterson Exais – Graduated from New World School of the Arts High School. He will be attending New World School of the Arts College in the fall.

To learn more about the programs our graduates participated in click the button below.

Student Spotlight: Nami Chung-Vastine Awarded First Place at American Ballet Competition

We are so proud to highlight our student Nami Chung-Vastine. She has been dancing with Thomas Armour Youth Ballet since age 6. During her time at TAYB she has performed various roles in our Nutcracker, danced in our annual spring concert, and competed in multiple competitions representing Thomas Armour Youth Ballet. Continue reading this post to learn more about her experience and accomplishments at the American Ballet Competition.

Nami received second place in the Contemporary category with Añoranza Gitana, choreographed and coached by TAYB Ballet and Character instructor Heydi Pinero. Nami was also the recipient of the Toni Lander Marks Scholarship, an award named in honor of the late Danish ballerina and former principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater and London Festival Ballet, and director of Ballet West.  This prize was given to one dancer from across all categories of the competition and is a travel stipend for Nami to return to the American Ballet Competition in 2020.

To learn more about training at Thomas Armour Youth Ballet like Nami click here. 

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet Receives National Accredidation

We are proud to announce that Thomas Armour Youth Ballet has received accreditation, After a three-year self-evaluation process through The Accrediting Commission for Community and Precollegiate Arts Schools (ACCPAS).


ACCPAS was created by the Council of Arts Accreditation in 2000. Their purpose is to accredit schools providing non-degree instruction in the arts to children, youth and adults.


Accreditation validates the quality of the dance instruction at TAYB and confirms the professionalism and value of all aspects of the organization. During the evaluation process all levels of management, leadership, strategic planning, community outreach, vision, and mission are reviewed.

“The process of taking a hard, detailed look at every aspect of our organization was grueling but highly rewarding,” said Executive Artistic Director Ruth Wiesen. “To be recognized nationally for the quality of our programs and dance instruction is a source of great pride for everyone in the TAYB family.”

“Accreditation provides a framework for future planning and accountability,” said board President Daniel Lewis.  “The observations of outside evaluators and their advice will be invaluable as TAYB moves forward.”


Thomas Armour Youth Ballet is the oldest school of ballet in Miami, founded as The Miami Conservatory by Thomas Armour in 1949.  What started as a scholarship program at the Conservatory for a handful of students in 1987 has grown to encompass TAYB’s main site in South Miami and four neighborhood outreach centers where nearly 1,000 students study dance, are given opportunities to perform, including in the region’s longest-running production of The Nutcracker. Students in the neighborhood centers receive reading, math, music and art instruction, as well as wrap-around services, in addition, to dance every school day and throughout the summer in an all-day camp.


TAYB will be expanding its main location and class offerings in the fall of 2020. There will be three new dance studios and a wider variety of dance forms offered.


In addition to accreditation from ACCPAS, TAYB is licensed as an after-school care facility by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families. The Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs helps to fund programming in five neighborhoods. TAYB’s four after-school programs are supported by the Children’s Trust of Miami-Dade County, Miami Foundation, and other foundations and individual donors.

A collage of high school and college students

TAYB middle school students on their way to success.

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet (TAYB) provides the coaching and training needed to make students competitive applicants for prestigious magnet school auditions. This year TAYB got 16 students into New World School of the Arts and 10 students into Coral Reef, Michael Krop Senior High, Robert Morgan, Zelda Glazer, and more. Keep scrolling to read about all of our student’s accomplishments this year!

Want to learn more about the training these students received? Click here to view a full list of classes offered and our schedule.


Stephanie will be attending New World School of the Arts. She was also accepted into Coral Reef High School,  Miami Arts Studio at Zelda Glazer, Miami Senior High School, and Miami Arts Charter.


Jaiya will be attending Dr. Michael Krop High School. She was also accepted into Northwestern, and William H. Turner Technical Arts High School.


Kayla will be attending Miami Arts Studio at Zelda Glazer. She was also accepted into Law Enforcement Officers Memorial High School.


Miranda will be attending New World School of the Arts. She was also accepted into Coral Reef High School, Miami Arts Charter, Terra, and Miami Arts Studio Zelda Glazer. She is also made the Principal’s Honor Roll, received an award for perfect attendance, and the values matter award.


Sofia will be attending New World School of the Arts next year. She was also accepted into Sunset High School, Miami Arts Charter, and Miami Arts Studio at Zelda Glazer.


Joyce will be attending New World School of the Arts.


Leticia will be attending Coral Reef High School. She was also accepted into Miami Arts Studio at Zelda Glazer and Law Enforcement Memorial High School.


Sofia will be attending New World School of the Arts. She was also accepted into Miami Arts Studio at Zelda Glazer and Coral Reef High School.


Emilie will be attending New World School of the Arts.


Kayla was accepted into all schools she applied for. She will be attending New World School of the Arts.  Additional accomplishments she’s made this year are making the junior honor roll, becoming student council president, maintaining perfect attendance, and receiving the values matter award for honesty.


Natazia will be attending Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School.


Kiara will be attending Coral Reef High School.


Emma will be attending International Studies Preparatory Academy but was also accepted into Miami Senior High School, Coral Gables Senior High School.


John will be attending New World School of the Arts.


Paloma will be attending Miami Arts Studio at Zelda Glazer for Musical Theater.


Isabella was accepted into the Law Program at Coral Reef High School.


Law Enforcement Memorial High.


Anaiya will be attending Coral Reef for the Law Program.


Alexander will be attending New World School of the arts.


Satine will be attending New World School of the Arts for Musical Theater.


Larissa will be attending New World School of the Arts.


Kacey will be attending New World School of the Arts.


Jazlyn will be attending New World School of the Arts. She was also accepted into Coral Reef, Miami Arts Charter, Zelda Glazer Miami Arts Studio, Arthur Polly May Conservatory of Arts, and Law Enforcement Memorial High.

Summer In New York Program

Sending advanced students to New York to study in professional summer intensive programs is one of TAYB’s oldest programs and a tradition that continues into its third decade. The opportunity to participate in the “real dance world,” for most, their first time away from home, is a true growth experience and forges long-lasting
connections for a future in dance. They each describe the summer as “life-changing.”

Read letters from students that have participated in the summer in New York program.