Change a child’s life by giving the gift of dance this summer.

This year, Armour Dance Theatre’s Community Programs will host Summer Camps in four diverse, under-resourced neighborhoods. The camps will be eight weeks long and will be held daily from 7:30 am – 6 pm. There are no fees charged to participants. ADT will serve at least 300 students through its summer camps.

Our unique, dance-focused camps will include:


Dance is the foundation of our summer camps. Every summer students receive 320 hours of dance lessons over the course of the program. Genres include ballet, West African, jazz, tap, musical theater, modern, Bollywood, hip hop, flamenco, and more.


One of the main goals of our summer programming is to prevent learning loss during the summer break. Reading intervention and math lessons are provided to every student 3 to 4 times per week.


Summer camps are also an opportunity to allow our students to express themselves through new art forms. Every student will take art classes with a certified master art teacher and percussion lessons taught by a local organization and partner, Miamibloco.


Students’ mental health is a priority year round. Our summer camps will provide group therapy (ADT’s Group Talk program) with a licensed mental health professional once a week, as well as daily mindfulness exercises. These activities create an environment where children can build healthy friendships.


Programs are enhanced during the summer weeks to expose our students to a variety of activities and opportunities. Fashion design will be a part of this year’s schedule and will provide students insight into costume making and other aspects of the performing arts. Additionally, field trips and workshops will take place to give students a fun way to explore things like literature and cooking.

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