Miami’s Community Dance Conservatory

Dance Legend Arthur Mitchell Tours Miami’s Dance Community by Nadege Green, WLRN/Herald News

Dance icon Arthur Mitchell is sitting in the dance studio at Dr. Michael Krop Senior Highschool in Notheast Miami-Dade. He’s 81 year’s old. And even seated, he has the presence of a dancer. Read More. 

Shuffles and Chassés, Article By Ballet Scene

Tap meets ballet at TAYB, and the results are anything but mixed by Ryan P. Casey You wouldn’t expect to find tap among the offerings at Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, a Miami studio rooted in ballet since 1951. But today this classical ballet school, formerly called The Miami Conservatory, encouraged students ages 7 and up […]

A Letter From TAYB Alumnus & Harvard Student Javier Aranzales

To the donors/supporters of the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, I have just completed my freshman year at Harvard University, an experience and opportunity that takes my breath away every time I think about it and one that I firmly believe would not have been possible without the support from the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, which […]